6. When to reward yourself? Do you want a Lambo?

6. When to reward yourself? Do you want a Lambo?

Are you someone that has always wanted their dream car, but not sure if you are able to afford it? It might be Lamborghini Huracan, or a Ferrari 488, or maybe it's a brand new customized Honda Civic. 

You might be telling yourself:

“How am I ever going to afford that?”

“Only super rich people have exotic cars!”

“That is my dream car, but it’s not realistic for me.”

"Exotics are a waste of money."

In this podcast, Ryan breaks down his story to Kota about how he thought buying his “dream car” was an unrealistic goal, until he had one in his driveway. He breaks down the exact process of how he was able to afford his first Lamborghini, and how anyone can break down the numbers to make a seemingly impossible goal a reality.

From buying it, to driving it, to finally being over it and selling it, Ryan goes into the lessons he learned for owning that car, and how it helped him grow his business, stretch his thinking, and actually MADE him a lot more money than it cost. 

They also go over:

-  If you should lease or buy an exotic car.

-  When it is the right time to reward yourself, whether it be a car or otherwise.

-  Truly understanding the difference between being able to “buy" something vs "afford” it.

-  You don’t have to be as rich as you probably think you do to have the nicest things in life!


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