Goldie found her first Kundalini class at 10 years old in 2001 and by age 12 was regularly attending KY classes at her local community college in rural Utah. She then started going to 4AM sadhana and started a 40 day practice.

At age 17, she attended her first Summer Solstice and went every year for the next 5+ years and participated in the setup crew. Gradually, Goldie sank deeper into the lifestyle and was fully immersed in it until her early-mid 20s. Eventually, she left the KY community after finding abuse allegations from previous cases online and practiced Sikhism only for a period of time before leaving it altogether. 

Song Credit:  Smoke by BRYDGS (pronounced Bridges)  This is my song that I wrote and recorded.. it's about coping mechanisms to deal with trauma  

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