Building A Life You Love with Martijn Stiphout and David Dennis
Neutrino Seas · 51 minutes ·

Building A Life You Love with Martijn Stiphout and David Dennis

Artisanship. Responsibility. Adventure. Ventana Surfboards and Supplies was born out of the unique partnership between a techy sales and marketing guru, David Dennis, and a master artisan, and surfboard design visionary, Martijn Stiphout; their common goal - create the most environmentally responsible surf company in the world.

"We sell hollow, reclaimed wooden surfboards; bodysurfing handplanes, and; eco surf supplies that are loved by adventurers everywhere. Our boards are high performance, surfable works of art that jumpstart conversations in homes and wave lineups.”

Each board is a one of a kind handcrafted masterpiece with a story as appealing as its beauty. Martijn, David and Travis discuss:

  • Living a life fueled by passion.
  • What makes a good partnership.
  • What society considers a weakness can actually be a strength.
  • Ocean conservation and the environment.
  • How to make your current job support your passion projects.
  • Celebrating your uniqueness.
  • Creating a more sustainable future.
  • Surfing as “religion”.
  • Surfing and mental health.
  • The story behind Ventana’s reclaimed wood.
  • Family.
  • And more!

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