Gun Reform: How We Got Here, What You Can Do
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Gun Reform: How We Got Here, What You Can Do

The Uvalde and Buffalo shootings were two of at least 18 mass shooting incidents in the US in 2022. How did we get here? Why do we accept this? And what can you do to move the needle?

In this special episode, Shannon Watts of Mothers Demand Action and Becky Pringle of the National Education Association answer some of your many questions. Among them: why lawmakers are loathe to pass gun safety reforms supported by the majority of Americans. What teachers are prepared to do to make schools safer. And where you can act to make a difference.

Watts has been involved in anti-gun violence activism since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, and explains where progress has been made.

Pringle, a teacher as well as a union organizer, tells us how teachers in America are feeling and why arming them and adding school shooter drills is not the answer. Both women provide solutions and actions you can take.

For obvious reasons this episode is a little longer than normal. It includes disturbing material so give yourself permission to stop or skip sections if the content is too upsetting for you.

To get involved with Moms Demand Action, text “ACT” to 64433 to learn about the ways you can take action in your community, or text “BOLD” to 64433 to reach your senator.

To support the National Education Association’s work text “NOW” to 48744, or visit to learn more about the challenges facing the public education system.

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