AP 447: What To Do When You Feel Inadequate || with Sara Dean
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AP 447: What To Do When You Feel Inadequate || with Sara Dean

I am willing to bet that even the most confident person you can think of probably feels inadequate from time to time. Another way you might describe this feeling is by calling it self doubt, and that's a struggle that I often hear from women in this community. Today I'm talking with fellow podcaster, Sara Dean. And even as a woman that radiates confidence she knows what to do when you feel inadequate because she has learned some tough personal lessons on the subject.
To start, we talk about why women specifically may deal with self doubt and inadequacy more often. Then, Sara has four ways to use the information that you already have about yourself to help you feel qualified, capable, and worthy of achieving the things you want for yourself. And if you listen to the end I issue a little "extra credit" challenge, based on her advice, that we can do together!

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