126: Anti-Diet Doesn't Mean Anti Health
DGAF: Demand Growth Act Fearlessly · 36 minutes ·

126: Anti-Diet Doesn't Mean Anti Health

“I want to quit dieting, but I’m scared that if I stop focusing on weight loss, I'll become lazy + unhealthy. What if I just give up on myself? I'm scared that if I stop trying to lose weight I'll let myself go..."

We hear you loud and clear, and we want to reassure you that quitting the dieting loop does NOT mean you’re giving up on your health. In fact, it actually means that you’ll be prioritizing your health and learning to respect your body in a whole new way.

When you ditch diets for good, you’ll become more focused on how your body physically feels, and how your mental and emotional health is closely intertwined with the way you eat and move.

Want to stop dieting once and for all, but have some fears holding you back? We’ve got you! Click HERE to join The Diet Rebellion VIP list for exclusive bonuses!

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