How Do We Operationalize Leaning In To Empathy? w/ Rajkumari Neogy
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How Do We Operationalize Leaning In To Empathy? w/ Rajkumari Neogy

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are receiving more attention these days, with many more companies asking, “How can we create more equity and a sense of belonging?” But have you ever considered the negative—exclusion? By shutting people out, consciously or not, we create shame and trauma. This is a powerful force that affects all aspects of society, not just work. It has become increasingly important to examine the root-causes of how current dynamics of exclusion began and the science behind the way we think, feel, and operate in the world. 

Today, we welcome Rajkumari Neogy back to the show—an epigenetic coach and executive consultant focused on the intersection of neurobiology, culture, and empathy in today’s business world. Rajkumari believes that passionate self-reflection coupled with dedicated curiosity defines true leadership. Specializing in the tech sector, S/He has trained leaders at high-powered organizations, including Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. 

In this episode, Rajkumari helps us examine the role of business leaders in creating meaningful inclusivity. The root of the solution lies in empathy. Building empathy into corporate culture will involve some fundamental shifts. Yet, making these changes will lead to meaningful progress as empathy leads to collective empowerment. Fostering this within an organization will lead to your people working harder for each other.

As someone who studies epigenetics, Rajkumari stresses that no one is immune from the trauma and mindsets of their ancestors. This has resulted in deep-seated systemic exclusion. Doing the hard work of addressing these multi generational beliefs and traumas will make it possible to have the difficult conversations that are needed right now.

How can you create the safety needed for difficult conversations within your organization? Let’s talk about it in the comments on the episode page!


In this episode

  • Leaning into empathy to create a more inclusive workplace and society
  • Why exclusion forms the foundation of racism
  • How the mindsets of our ancestors still affects everyone today
  • What happens when we break out of the cycle of blame
  • Tools and techniques for creating more mental balance and empathy



“We have to really acknowledge and honor that which has been excluded and re-invite that back into this sphere of inclusion that we’re creating for everyone, including ourselves.” [4:16]

“Racism is severe, repetitive, horrific, exclusion.” [11:02]

“We need to start to speak significantly more relationally. That ability to speak relationally will rewire the right hemisphere and strengthen our ability to be uncomfortable in difficult conversations.” [23:56]



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