Breaking Free From Perfectionism to Live A Life of Freedom, Happiness and Success w/ Rebecca Ann [Ep 49]
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Breaking Free From Perfectionism to Live A Life of Freedom, Happiness and Success w/ Rebecca Ann [Ep 49]

You may have seen posts on social media that say ‘done is better than perfect’ and think that’s easy (I know I did) but for a perfectionist, it really isn’t that easy.  There’s so much more that’s involved than taking messy action and getting something done.  Our guest this week shares exactly what those traits are and how this language on social media can have the opposite effect than intended.   

Rebecca Ann is the Perfectionist Cure Coach and has helped 100s of women unlock their true potential in their life, career & business. Helping to free them of limiting beliefs and constraints that are holding them back from achieving what they want & deserve. 

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • The truth about perfectionism (and it’s not what you think) 
  • The different types of perfectionism and how it can show up differently for each person 
  • The first step you can take towards breaking free from your perfectionism 
  • Reframes you can use to ground yourself when procrastination hits 

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