Happy New Year - Release and Affirm - Rev Dr Bob Deen
Center for Spiritual Living Midtown · 36 minutes ·

Happy New Year - Release and Affirm - Rev Dr Bob Deen

As we sweep into 2023 let’s take time to reflect and release those ideas and behaviors that no longer serve us. Because the Universe abhors a vacuum, let’s consider replacements which serve us with greater ideas for our ongoing good.

As we begin each year, It is a long-standing tradition that we return the our roots, to the basic and formative ideas of the Science of Mind. Based on the opening essays in what is referred to as the “textbook”, The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. We will consider what is our idea of God and how is it the same or different from other theologies. How does it work, what does it do, and how are we related to it.

Sunday Celebrations are our weekly gatherings — a welcoming place (both virtual and in person) to meet positive people, enjoy uplifting music and participate in meditation and affirmative prayer. Each week’s lesson is focused on a positive, life affirming idea that will empower change in the lives of those who embrace it. All are welcome! We are a diverse, open-minded and heart-centered group.

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