Psychedelic Research and Drug Policy Reform
Oh Here We Go · 85 minutes ·

Psychedelic Research and Drug Policy Reform

Lacey & Stephanie share their first time experiencing LSD, their opinions on it, how it’s changed them, and how their world view has shifted. With Stephanie & Lacey personally being passionate about psychedelics, they wanted to bring someone on who is actually involved in the decriminalization of these substances.

Today’s guest, Courtney Barnes, is a partner at Barnes Caplan LLP, a boutique law and policy firm in Denver, Colorado. In addition to her work as an attorney, she is also a passionate psychedelic advocate. Courtney is the policy advisor for Decriminalize Nature and serves as General Counsel for SPORE (the Society for Psychedelic Outreach Reform and Education). In this episode the three discuss the healing benefits of psychedelics & how they are now being tested in therapeutic settings to treat things such as depression, anxiety, trauma, etc. and what that looks like for the future of medicine & the pharmaceutical industry. The girls also discuss that a critical part in moving forward in the drug policy reform movement is rectifying past injustices caused by the war on drugs.

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