Smart Travel in 2022, Episode 382
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Smart Travel in 2022, Episode 382

How do you travel smart in 2022? That is the question Annie Sargent and Brian Gmutza tackle in this episode of the podcast. A lot of us are itching to travel because we’ve been cooped up for 2 years. Lots of us have travel credits we need to use up or we might lose them. But the pandemic is not really done, is it? And there’s a war in Europe now. How can we travel safely and smartly in 2022?

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Discussed in this Episode

  • Things we can do to make good decisions
  • How to use our travel credits
  • How does the war in Ukraine change things? Book refundable air and hotels
  • Bonjour App
  • Covered Passages in Paris
  • Visiting the PSG stadium [27:08]
  • Les Invalides and Musée de l'Armée [27:55]
  • Spend more time in fewer places [30:55]
  • 05260 Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes ski resort in the Alps [31:31]
  • Activate Find My Phone on your Apple or Android phone [40:15]
  • Dare to try "scary" French foods [43:55]
  • Planning for a French Immersion Week [50:36]
  • May 1st in France [51:09]
  • Yves Saint Laurent Exhibits in Paris [52:58]
  • Update on the French Presidential Election [53:43]
  • Annie's personal update [54:20]

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