#7 - The Personal Development Concept Most Beach Players Miss (And pay big time for!)
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#7 - The Personal Development Concept Most Beach Players Miss (And pay big time for!)

Welcome to the first solo-episode on the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast podcast! When starting this podcast, I wanted to create lots of different types of episodes, and this type of episode was definitely a part of the plan.

In some of these solo-episodes, I will follow a simple formula: personal development concept + beach volleyball = episode idea. Basically I will take lessons from the personal development/business/self help/psychology space and apply them specifically to beach volleyball.

This will lead to two things:

1. An interesting way to get introduced to ideas that can help you in your life in general.

2. Next level beach volleyball advice. Sometimes, about the game, sometimes about how to think about your development as a player, sometimes something else.. No matter what, this stuff is here to help you learn beach volleyball faster.

This first solo episode will be about a concept called opportunity cost, and how doing things that are good for you can still destroy you because these things are at the same time hindering you from doing something that would be even better for you. Hope you enjoy!

And since this is my first solo-episode, I probably have tons to learn for future episodes. So don’t hestitate to send me feedback so I can make better episodes for you guys, either to [email protected] or in the Youtube comment section for this episode.

Youtube comment section: https://youtu.be/pwPbGlp2fqw (Go here for leaving feedback, but also to read and share your own examples of opportunity cost in action within beach volleyball.. Together with discussions we can make the learning moments from this episode even bigger!)


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